Jun 20, 2018  
2017-2018 General Catalog 
2017-2018 General Catalog

Change Page

The following are changes as of the date indicated (changes approved through Curriculum and Standards, Faculty Senate and approved by NMMI Board of Regents)

Changed pre-req of BIOL 2434 to “BIOL 1154, BIOL 1214 or BIOL 1224”. It previously showed “BIOL 1214 or BIOL 1224”.

Added “Lab fee required” note for ENR 011, ENR 012 and MCS 011. (09/01/2017)

Added new course: COMM 1213 - Interpersonal Communication (11/17/2017)

Added new course: SAT 011 - PSAT Prep (11/17/2017)

Wording change to High School Social Science requirement: “The recommended order of coursework is World, US, then economics and government with economics and government in the senior year.  World History is a pre-requisite to US History (Fall 2013).” - Per 15 May 2013 action item signed by Dean/Supt, course pre-reqs were changed in 2013-2014 catalog, but wording under social science graduation requirements was mistakenly not changed.

Added new course: ENGL 1333 - Photojournalism and Narrative with Book Publishing II (01/22/18)

Change prerequisite of PHYS 2223 to “Corequisite of MATH 1624 (Calculus II) or Instructor Permission” (03/22/2018)