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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog

NMMI Academic Excellence

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Programs in Academic Excellence are programs at either the high school or college level that challenge cadets to excel in their academic studies.

High School Programs

High School Scholars Program

The Scholars Program builds on the educational excellence of NMMI by encouraging academically exceptional students to gain a broad knowledge base, understanding the interaction between academic areas. The curriculum consists of all NMMI courses – high school and college – as well as the courses a Scholar will take in order to complete his or her Scholar’s Thesis during the senior year. In addition, Scholars take Sophomore English during the summer after their freshman year and are required to participate in summer enrich activities each year prior to graduation. Admission to the Scholars Program is competitive and admissions requirements include: entering as a freshman and having a minimum 3.5 GPA at the end of the freshman year, writing a letter of interest and obtaining teacher recommendations.

Dual Graduate Program

The New Mexico Military Institute is a College Prep High School and Junior College that offers a Dual Graduate Program.  This program is designed to address the aspiration of academically exceptional high school cadets who are committed to earning their high school diploma and college degree with New Mexico Military Institute.  A cadet in our Dual Graduate Program will be on a pathway toward earning an associate degree through New Mexico Military Institute upon the completion of all high school and college course work.  The Dual Graduate Program has a curriculum that is broad enough to empower cadets to advance in a college environment and field of interest while continuing to fulfill their high school academic requirements.

With 18 concentrations in our junior college, this allows our Dual Graduate cadets the opportunity to excel in future career areas of their choice.  As they move on to their higher educational institutions, our cadets are duly prepared for continuing in their postsecondary success.

Beginning the spring semester of the 9th grade year, each college course a cadet successfully completes in our Dual Graduate Program earns both college and high school credit that aligns with one of the associate degrees awarded by New Mexico Military Institute.  Cadets can choose to earn an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science Degree. All coursework leading to the successful completion of the Dual Graduate Program must be taken at New Mexico Military Institute. 

With the rising cost of college, co-enrollment or the New Mexico Military Institute Dual Graduate Program is becoming an increasingly popular choice for high school cadets.   The New Mexico Military Institute Dual Graduate Program offers a great option for high school cadets in terms of opportunities and financial incentives.


The New Mexico Military Institute Dual Graduate Program is open to spring semester high school freshmen cadets that have successfully completed their fall semester at New Mexico Military Institute by earning a 3.3 GPA and an A or B in deportment.  This program is designed for cadets to begin early in their high school experience allowing sufficient time to work through our program.

Cadets that are accepted to New Mexico Military Institute for the spring semester of their 9th grade year are not eligible to apply to the Dual Graduate Program until after they successfully complete that semester with a 3.3 term GPA.  For cadets that are admitted their 5th or 4th class year must first meet the eligibility requirements upon completion of their first semester at New Mexico Military Institute by earning 3.3 term GPA and must be given approval by the Vice Dean/High School Principal and the Academic Dean.  Entrance into the Dual Graduate Program for cadets that are admitted to New Mexico Military Institute in their 11th grade year requires at least a 3.3 CUM GPA.  A minimum math qualification is to either place into Algebra 2 or higher from taking our MPE, or take our ALEKS Algebra 2 A&B, and Junior English 3 A&B through our online programs over the summer prior to attending NMMI in the fall. Acceptance will be determined on an individual bases and approved by both the Vice Dean/High School Principal and the Academic Dean.

For the Dual Graduate Program, New Mexico Military Institute has created a clear, full-time sequence of co-enrollment courses that will be available to cadets on a regular basis to complete this program.
Cadets who do not pursue the Dual Graduate option but still choose to take New Mexico Military Institute junior college co-enrollment courses will follow the current catalog and department rules for eligibility into postsecondary courses.

Typically Dual Graduate programs are administered through a four-year or local community college. However, the uniqueness of New Mexico Military Institute having a Junior College on the same campus as the college preparatory High School, affords a smoother integration of the Dual Graduate Program into the curriculum.   As a viable option, our Dual Graduate Program allows our cadets a great opportunity where upon their high school and junior college graduation they will be greater prepared to move forward on to their four-year college seeking their next level degree.  They will have successfully demonstrated subject knowledge and course mastery in a college classroom learning experience at New Mexico Military Institute.   A major objective of the program will be to have the successful candidate complete the General Education requirements of their next institution and be flexible as to their ultimate undergraduate major.

There are a total of 96 faculty members at New Mexico Military Institute, 70 teach junior college, and 36 teach both high school and junior college courses.  This allows cadets that begin the Dual Graduate program the spring of their freshman year to experience the advantage of gaining their college education from teachers on campus.

Our exceptional cadets in the New Mexico Military Institute Dual Graduate Program must have:
-    A 3.3 or higher G.P.A. on a non-adjusted 4.0 scale is required
-    Three strong letters or recommendation from a teacher in the following disciplines: English, Math/Science, and Social Science
-    Personal Statement on why you want to be in the Dual Graduate program

  • Explain how you will remain committed
  • Explain how the Dual Graduate Program will enhance your future goals
  • What are your future goals and career plans
  • Credits earned will be reviewed annually by SAC Counselor/Associate Dean’s/ H.S. Principal/Academic Dean


The New Mexico Military Institute Dual Graduate program curriculum is designed to allow cadets to complete the entire program through the New Mexico Military Institute curriculum.

The undergraduate level courses offered by the New Mexico Military Institute junior college will satisfy New Mexico general education and elective courses that fulfill the 60 credit hours required for either an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.

Junior College Programs

Gateway Programs

The “Gateway” or a 2+2 program enables two years of study at NMMI and two subsequent years at a participating four-year university leading to the award of a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in a particular major.  At present, Gateway Program agreements exist with:

  • Norwich University in Criminal Justice
  • New Mexico State University in Physical Training
  • The University of New Mexico in the Bachelor of University Studies with concentrations in National Security Studies and EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
  • Embry Riddle University in Technical Management
  • Additional programs with Texas Tech, Texas Christian University, University of Texas at El Paso, and University of Akron.

In some cases, acceptance into the NMMI Gateway Program guarantees acceptance into a four year program at the participating four-year institution of higher learning. Two current examples:

  • Pre-Nursing Programs.  Qualified NMMI cadets enrolled in the Nursing Gateway Program will receive four year ROTC scholarships to include two years of study at NMMI leading to a pre-nursing Associate of Science degree followed by two years at Carson-Newman University or The University of Akron culminating in the award of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN).  Successful completion of the Associate Degree at NMMI guarantees entrance to Carson-Newman and continuation of the ROTC scholarship.  Upon receipt of the BSN, the graduate will be eligible for appointment as an officer in the U.S. Army’s Nurse Corps.  Successful completion of the NMMI Pre-nursing curriculum will also result in any student being extremely competitive if they choose to apply for admission to a BSN program at any college or university with a ROTC component.

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