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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog
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CJUS 1110 - Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course is an introduction to the history, contemporary issues, and aspects of the American Criminal Justice System.  Subject areas examined include the following:  US Constitution; American criminal justice history; principles of ethical leadership and management; root causes of criminal behavior; crime and justice in America; transnational crime and terrorism; victimization and criminal behavior; rule of law, police operations and issues; ethical conduct and court procedures; trial processes, punishment and sentencing; corrections and probation; prison goals and corrections management; parole release programs; and the juvenile justice system.  The course curriculum will focus on presenting the field of criminal justice as an integral part of an interdisciplinary academic area of study in association with other disciplines such as criminology, philosophy, sociology, law, history, psychology, and political science.  Course research and discussions include the study of emerging political, social and racial issues and understanding the present dynamics (i.e., current events) that affect the criminal justice system.  Research and discussions will also center on how transnational crime, world-wide terrorism, and the globalization of crime has created the merging of US federal, military, state and local criminal agencies into a what is now known as Homeland Security.  This class is open to all college students and is considered a core social science course needed for graduation.  This class is a criminal justice concentration requirement.

Credit Hours
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Social & Behavioral Sciences
This is the only criminal justice course that may be used to meet a social science requirement. Due to the content, this class is not available to high school students.

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