Sep 22, 2021  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Catalog Changes Page

The following are changes as of the date indicated. Changes are approved through the Curriculum and Standards committee, Faculty Senate, Dean and Superintendent. When necessary, some changes are approved by NMMI Board of Regents.

New high school courses introduced in 2021-22:


New college courses introduced in 2021-22:

SPMD 1310 Introduction to Kinesiology
MUSC 1503 Fundamentals of Bagpipes
ENGL 1031 Wriitng Workshop Lab

Other Changes in 2021-22:

BIOL 2264 - Title change - Ecology (Formerly Environmental Biology)

ENGL 2310 - Introduction to Creative Writing (Formerly ENGL 1213)

IPS 021 - Pre-requisite change - MTH 021 taken through NMMI or validated MTH 021 through NMMI Math Placement Exam. Or, concurrent enrollment in MTH 021.

MSL 205 - Course now graded as Pass/Fail (P/F)

MUSC 1140 - Music Appreciation: World Music (Formerly MUSC 1303)

PHYS 1230 - Pre-requisite change - College Algebra (MATH 1220) or higher math or show proficiency of math by qualifying for Pre-Calculus through the NMMI college Math Placement Exam (MPE).

PHIL 1115 - Introduction to Philosophy (Formerly PHIL 1113)

PHIL 2110 - Introduction to Ethics (Formerly PHIL 2013)

PHIL 2210 - Early Modern Philosophy (Formerly PHIL 2123)

PHIL 2220 - Greek Philosophy (Formerly PHIL 2113)

Spanish Language Proficiency - Those wanting to take SPN 011/012 now are required to take a Spanish proficiency exam, prior to enrollment.

Changes Since Publishing of Catalog:

08/27/2021: Added new Faculty to catalog