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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Junior College - General Education

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Fixed 22 Flexible 9



During the 2017 New Mexico Legislative session, Senate Bill 103, was signed into law to further enhance and facilitate the articulation of general education courses among New Mexico’s colleges and universities. In accordance with policies established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department, designated general education core courses successfully completed at any regionally accredited public institution of higher education in New Mexico are guaranteed to transfer to any New Mexico public institution. Students enrolling for the first year of study at a New Mexico college or university and considering possible transfer into a certificate and/or degree program at another institution are encouraged to take the courses approved for transfer during their freshman and sophomore year of study.

The goal of the general education model is to focus on essential skills that are needed by today’s college graduates to be successful as they pursue advanced degrees and/or careers. All students will be required to complete at least 22 credit hours (“Fixed 22”) in the following six content areas: Communications (6 credits), Mathematics (3 credits), Science (4 credits), Social and Behavioral Science (3 credits) and Creative/Fine Arts (3 credits). Another 9 credit hours (“Flexible 9”) from the content areas previously listed or other content areas the school deems appropriate.

Each general education course must contain three essential skills which can be communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, information and digital literay, and personal and social responsibility.

Each of the six content areas are associated with three essential skills.

Communication: Communication, Critical Thinking, Information and Digital Literacy

Mathematics: Communication, Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning

Science: Critical Thinking, Personal and Social Responsibility, Quantitative Reasoning

Social and Behavioral Science: Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal and Social Responsibility

Humanities: Critical Thinking, Information and Digital Literacy, Personal and Social Responsibility

Creative and Fine Arts: Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal and Social Responsibility

Each essential skill is made up of component skills. More information on component skills and the state General Education models can be found on New Mexico Higher Education Department’s website.

NMMI - General Education - Fixed 22

New Mexico Military Institute’s Fixed 22 is composed of the following: Communications (6 hrs), Mathematics (3 hrs), Science (4 hrs), Social & Behavioral Sciences (3 hrs), Humanities (3 hrs) and Creative & Fine Arts (3 hrs).


Area I: Communications

6 Semester Hours
6 hours
Area II: Mathematics 3 Semester Hours
3-4 hours
Area III: Lab Sciences 4 Semester Hours
4 hours
Area IV: Social & Behavioral Sciences 3 Semester Hours
3 hours
Area V: Humanities 3 Semester Hours
3 hours
Area VI: Creative & Fine Arts 3 Semester Hours

1-3 hours


NMMI - General Education - Flexible 9

New Mexico Military Institute’s Flexible 9 is composed of the following: Humanities (3 hrs), English (3 hrs) and History (3 hrs)


3 Semester Hours
  • Please refer to courses listed in our Fixed 22 Humanities course list. You may not repeat a course previously taken.
3 hours
English 3 Semester Hours
3 hours
History 3 Semester Hours
3 hours